About us

Welcome to the Bridge Recruiting Group!

The Bridge Recruiting Group is an employment recruitment group dedicated to “Bridging the Gap between Talent and Opportunity” in the Hearing Healthcare Industry.

We are recruiters dedicated to the growth of the Hearing Healthcare Industry which means we recruit only in the Hearing Health arena. This allows us to be experts in what we do focused on making connections in one industry.

At BRG our unique concept of leaving a "note", simplifies the recruiting process.
*Providers Notes take the place of resumes.
*Practice Notes take the place of job postings.


We consider it our duty to show providers working with the Bridge Recruiting Group what opportunities exist in their area or in areas they would like to practice. What makes the Bridge Recruiting Group different is that we let you know that your perfect job is out there whether you are looking for it or not.

Your “Note" is completely confidential and simple to post. There is no hassle updating a resume or writing a CV.

For you, the Provider, our services are completely free. Just click here to leave us a Provider “Note”.  Call us if you have any questions at 941-685-0235.


The Bridge Recruiting Group provides Hearing Health practices access to talent (Hearing Healthcare Providers) that may not be available through the traditional search methods.

How many times have you placed an ad using the traditional search methods, only to spend countless hours and dollars searching through candidates that don’t “Fit” what you are looking for? You know there has to be that perfect person out there, but they seem to be out of reach or just not what you are looking for.

To begin the search for your perfect "Fit", click here to leave a Practice “Note”.   Call us if you have any questions at 941-685-0235.  There’s only a fee for our services if we place a candidate.

How it works!


  • Active: Looking for a “Fit” immediately
  • Passive: Just keeping options open for the perfect “Fit”, no immediate need.

The key to using our service is deciding how you want the Bridge Recruiting Group to search: Active or Passive.

We simply want you to leave us a “Note”.

  • Find the tab that best describes you, click on it and leave us a “Note”.
  • It is sent to the Bridge Recruiting Group recruiter in your area and we go to work finding your perfect “Fit”.

Leaving a “Note” is completely free and completely anonymous!

It’s free to leave a “Note”. It costs nothing to connect with the Bridge Recruiting Group.

  • Providers' “Notes" are free!
  • Practices' “Notes” are free!

There are no obligations.

Top Ten Reasons To Let The Bridge Recruiting Group Bridge The Gap Between Talent And Opportunity.

1.  Bridge Recruiting Group has one of the largest databases of Hear Healthcare Providers and Hearing Healthcare Practices ready to bridge the gap between talent and opportunity!

2.  Using BRG is fast, easy and convenient!

3.  Hearing Health is our focus!
   -  We only recruit in the Hearing Health Care arena.

4. No resume to update, No resumes to sort through, No references to check!

5. It’s completely confidential!

6. We do the work for you!
   -  You focus on running your Practice.
   -  You focus on seeing your patients.

7. It’s completely free to post an opening (Leave a "Note")!

8. It’s completely free for Providers to have BRG keep an eye open for that perfect opportunity you have been looking for.

9. There are no fees unless we find you that perfect Provider and you hire them.

10. You deal with an actual Recruiter, not just an email account or a website.