Welcome to the Bridge Recruiting Group!

Our motto is simple. We are dedicated to “Bridging the Gap between Talent and Opportunity”!

As an Audiologist, there are many situations and issues you face at work on a daily basis that directly or indirectly effect the balance in your work place life.


Daily you are faced with holding the line between clinical ethics and the demand of revenue generation. Just when you think you have time to help your patients get better lives by helping them understand their hearing loss, there is the knock on the door and another test.

At the Bridge Group we know how vital work/life balance is and how important that balance is in providing excellent patient care.

The Bridge Recruiting Group offers you the option to look at what opportunities may be in your area or an area in which you have always dreamed of working.

The Bridge Recruiting Group can keep you in touch, so if that perfect opportunity to move back home becomes available, you won’t miss it.

The BRG is different from the traditional job search sites in that we actually do the work for you! We are not just a resume bank.

At BRG we understand the time crunch of your daily work-life balance, so we make the process simple.


  • If you are interested in seeing what opportunities might be out there?
  • How you want to search (Active or Passive - active is immediate interest or passive: just want to stay connected with possible opportunities)
  • And leave us a “Note”

There is no need to update a resume.

There is no need to attach or upload a CV.

There is no cost.

And it's all completely confidential. See our NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)

The Bridge Recruiting Group does the work for you.

We take your “Note” and Bridge the gap between your talent and the opportunities that are out there. We then contact you to gauge your interest level in the opportunities we identify. It's that simple.

You tell your Bridge Recruiting Group recruiter if you are interested in the opportunity or opportunities we present you and we make the connection.

It's up to you from there!